Other Services

We at Amritsar Tent Hire can make your special occasion or event very comfortable and stress free by providing additional services. Below are a list of services that we can provide.

Our list of services include:

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Balloon Decoration
  • Stainless Steel Buffet Food Warmers
  • Catering/Cutlery

Heating: Is a must have especially in the winter months, they keep the marquee nice and warn so don’t let the weather put you off on your special occasion or event.


Lighting: We provide chandelier celling lights, to lighten up the atmosphere.







Balloon Decorations: Are a great way for celebrating and decorating your marquee for a birthday or a wedding party.

balloon decoration

Stainless Steel Buffet Food Warmers: Are great for warming up food, they work via gas. The temperature can be adjusted to keep the food warm at a level that suits you.







Cutlery/Catering: We specialise in indian catering from snacks to starters, main courses to desserts.

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